The Ultimate Cleaning Utensil

Scrubba Glove is a premium pair of Silicone gloves that have hundreds of micro-bristles for a superior scrubbing effect on any surface. Scrubba Glove is made of Food grade silicone. We have merged the conventional kitchen sponge and the scrubbing glove. Sponges normally fester and they go to the landfill taking decades to degrade.

The Scrubba Glove is a hygienic solution to keeping your home clean, and it’s easily recyclable. One pair of Scrubba Glove is R89.00 as compared to buying a 5 pack of sponge every month at R30.00. The cost of a normal kitchen sponge will amount to R360.00 so Scrubba Glove saves you a whole R271.00 of unnecessary cost.

The glove works well for removing pet hair, or debris from couches or furniture, Dishes, bathroom, showers, floors, lint off your clothing. Many of our consumers enjoy bathing with Scrubba Glove as it works almost like an exfoliator.

The glove is thicker and more durable so it will not tear like the conventional latex gloves. In addition, Scrubba Glove is heat resistant and has extremely flexible silicone that allows it to stretch up to double its size.

Product Benefits

  • for cleaning the kitchen / bath / shower / basin etc.
  • for washing the car
  • for washing the hard-to-reach areas on your tyre rims
  • to wash dishes or crochery and cutlery
  • to wash anything in the kitchen or any other room
  • to remove pet hair off couches, beds, rugs, clothes etc.
  • to remove wardrope dust
  • to clean your shoes effortlessly
  • to clean fruit and vegetble before eating

Why Choose Scrubba GLOVE

  • is fraction of the price of a traditional sponge (much cheaper)
  • lasts 10 times longer (approximately a year)
  • is heat resistant and will protect your hands against high temperatures.
  • is bacteria free (compared to sponge which manifests bacteria)
  • is biodegradable meaning it will decompose naturally.