How long do they last ?

6 months to a year, depending of course on how you use them.

Why is it so expensive compared to the normal glove?

Scrubba Glove is made from food grade , HTV Silicone which is very durable whilst being elastic at the same time.

Can they bath with it?

Of course you can, think of it as an exfoliator

How sure are you that the glove will not tear within a month?

They are made of high quality HTV Silicone, which allows it to stretch.

Are they really heat resistant or is it just a point to attract customers?

They are definitely heat resistant, we wouldn’t want you harming those beautiful hands.

What makes these gloves special?

The silicone that is used is non-porous, and there for cannot fester bacteria, making it hygienic to use.

Can I use them on any surface?

In short, Yes, some people even use it to comb their hair.

What guarantee do I have that the bristles won’t break?

We recommend it for domestic use, and to stay away from sharp objects. We have ploughed a lot of technology into the design of the glove to make sure it is the highest quality possible.